305 S. 3rd Avenue
Marietta, OK 73448
Romans 16:16

Marietta Church of Christ

". . .The churches of Christ salute you."

The Church of Christ

Who Are These People?

You have probably heard of churches of Christ. And perhaps you’ve asked “Who are these people? What – if anything – distinguishes them from the hundreds of other churches in the world?”


You may have wondered….

“What is their historical background?”

"How many members do they have?”
“What is their message?”
“How are they governed?”
“How do they worhip?”
“What do they believe about the Bible?”

People of a Restoration Spirit

Not a Denomination

Unity Based upon the Bible

Terms of Membership

Emphasis on Baptism

A  Cappella Singing

Weekly Observance of The Lords Supper



Click the links above to each question.

We hope you will decide to accept the salvation offered by Christ – that you will offer yourself in obedient faith and become a member of his church.